What Are the Highest Paying Gig Economy Apps in 2020?

We've Ranked the Top Paying Apps

When looking for a gig economy app job to supplement income, most people asked us one question: How much do these apps pay? So we did some research. We compiled data from our own users and cross referenced that data with reliable sources to bring you a list of app jobs with the highest pay (national average).

According to Glassdoor, Amazon Flex delivery drivers make an average of $19 an hour. Amazon advertises earnings of $18 – $25 an hour, and our sources have confirmed that savvy flex drivers can sometimes earn above the $25 an hour mark – but that is before taxes. Drivers must take into account vehicle expenses including gas and wear and tear on their vehicle.

To drive for Amazon Flex you must pass a background check and have a 4-door vehicle to deliver with – you may also spend some time on a waiting list before starting.

How Much Do You Earn With Amazon Flex?
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In an article from TheRideShareGuy a Dasher breaks down is average pay over a week and comes in at about $16.59 per hour. This, of course is only data from one driver in one city. According to data from thousands of Dasher compiled by Indeed, the average salary for a Dasher is $18.43 per hour, or just over $41,000 per year.

Doordash also requires that you supply your own form of transportation, but Dashers who do not have a car to drive can use a bike or scooter if they prefer.

How Much Do You Earn With DoorDash?
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Instacart shoppers make money by shopping for and delivering groceries to customers. According to a few thousand reviews on Indeed the salary for shoppers averages $44,300, which equates to about $22.15 per hour.

To be a full service shopper for Instacart you’re expected to provide your own insured vehicle (any year) as well as insulated bags for food.

How Much Do You Earn With Instacart?

This article from GridWise breaks down how much rideshare drivers make per region. We did a bit of extra research to come up with a national average. According to  over 20,000 users on Indeed the avergae Lyft driver makes just over $29,000 per year, which comes out to be just under $15 per hour.

Lyft also requires that you have a newer vehicle to drive on the platform, which may increase expenses in the form of wear and tear on your vehicle.

How Much Do You Earn With Lyft?
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One of the highest paying apps in the gig economy is undoubtedly Dolly. Helpers who supply their own truck on the platform can make an average of $39.75 according to Indeed.

This average was based off of relatively few data points. But after testing the app myself in Seattle as a “hands” and speaking with other helpers who used their own trucks/box trucks on the app I can confirm that this is one of the highest paying app jobs out there.

How Much Do You Earn With Dolly?

Food delivery apps are some of the biggest players in the gig economy, and delivery drivers love the job. The job is generally laid back without a lot of heavy lifting.

Of course, delivery drivers who are looking for a bit more exercise and lower expenses can deliver with Postmates on their bike

According to over 14,000 users on Indeed, Postmates delivery drivers make an average of $36,308 each year – which equals about $17.31 per hour.

Moving apps have flown under the radar when compared to other gig economy jobs. Maybe that’s because they require a bit more leg work than other apps. But that legwork is rewarded by higher pay. Bellhops advertises up to $21 an hour pay for it’s movers.

According to Indeed, the salary average is quite a bit lower though. Movers make about $14.88 an hour on the bellhops platform according to data from about 80 users.

How Much Do You Earn With Bellhops?
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