Uber Eats First Day Delivering. My Review + How Much I Made!

A look at my first day delivering with the UberEats app.

How much money I was paid, and how delivering for UberEats compares with other apps that I have delivered with like Doordash, Grubhub and Postmates!

At First I Stayed Away From UberEats

UberEats was one of the last delivery apps that I tried working with. I had always avoided the platform because I hadn’t heard good things about pay. My expectations were that it probably wouldn’t be worth my time – I’d likely switch back to my preferred apps, GrubHub and Doordash.

UberEats Sign Up Process

Getting started with Ubereats is extremely easy. As a matter of fact, I was able to start delivering only a day and a half after signing up. There are a few basic requirements to sign up:

  • Vehicle/Bike
  • 19 Years Old
  • Pass Background Check
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Personal Info (entered on sign up)

As a side note, if you plan on delivering on bike make sure to apply with your bike. It can be difficult to switch from your car.

You can apply for UberEats on their website. You can also use Gigsharks to search for gig jobs in your city and apply to UberEats there.

My Experience Delivering

The app is very advanced from a technology standpoint. Because of the Covid – 19 pandemic, I was prompted to photo verify that I was wearing a face mask.

ubereats delivery training

Once I completed the verification I could start taking offers. I was not required to use a debit card like Doordash and Grubhub, which is kind of nice. Also, they didn’t send me a heat bag – but they definitely expect you to use one. Buy one of your own or use one from a different app that you deliver with!

My First UberEats Order

After a few minutes of waiting around for an order I finally picked one up, for Chipotle! I used the in-app navigation in to get directions to the restaurant. 

UberEats Earnings

Chipotle had the order prepared to before I got there, and ready to pick up on the delivery shelf. It was a quick in and out!

Unfortunately the drop-off was a bit far away. I deliver in Seattle, and this order was for a Shoreline customer. Usually this is the type of order that I screen out, but out of excitement on the first day I jumped on it.

The UberEats app prompted me to take a photo of the delivery once I arrived (it was no contact due to the pandemic).

How Much My First Delivery Paid

I drove about 4 miles total on this delivery. My Mazda 3 gets about 30 MPG, so my gas expense comes in at about $.40 given that gas is $3 per gallon. The UberEats payout was $4.52 (not including a tip). Customers are given time to tip after the order and I expect to receive tips on a decent amount of the orders.

I expect to get a tip on a decent amount of orders.

My experience with Doordash and Grubhub deliveries showed me that this was around the same as Doordash Pay while slightly lower than Grubhub pay per order

My Total First Day Earnings with UberEats

I earned a total of $52.34 after completing 5 trips in around 3 hours on the UberEats platform. This includes all tips that were given during my shift, it may increase if customers continue to send tips over the next day. This comes out to be just over $10 per deliver with UberEats.

According to my mileage tracker I drove 24.5 miles on the shift, meaning that I can deduct $14.06 for mileage. Based on my car’s fuel efficiency, I estimate that my actual fuel expenses were closer to $3.00 (30 MPG).

Except for a few hiccups, my first day went very smooth. It’s really easy to use the UberEats app and seems to be a solid side gig for earning money part time.

UberEats VS Doordash & Grubhub. Which Pays More?

After delivering on the UberEats platform for a day, my initial impression is that it is most similar to the Doordash driver app. I would expect Doordash to give a higher volume of orders (they have a larger market share in most cities) which could lead to higher earnings on their platform.

Grubhub is a quite different delivery experience. Drivers can see the full payout upfront (including tips) which allows for higher payouts on orders. Grubhub is not as popular in most cities, so the higher payouts are accompanied by fewer overall orders – and potentially lower earnings as well.

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