Gigharks will publish your listing in all cities where you are currently hiring independent contractors. We’ll advertise your listing to our users and send new applicants straight to the hiring page on your website.

Speak with a GigSharks representative to learn more about active promotions. 

When you list on GigSharks, you have complete control of the listing and your applicants. If at any time you want to update, change or remove your listing we’re happy to help!

We’ll send you a report of all users sent to your application page at the end of the month, we can even send you new user info as soon as they apply on GigSharks (upon request). Our most successful partners will send a UTM parameter for their link – this allows them to more accurately track applicants that land on their website with Google Analytics and measure the resulting conversions.

Gigsharks works with industry leaders in the gig economy and sharing economy. We’ve partnered with Doorash, Instacart, Postmates, AirBnb, VRBO to name a few!