Should You Deliver For DoorDash On A Bike?

Food Delivery on a Bike

DoorDash has made it easier than ever before to deliver on a bicycle. Now you can easily switch between bike, e-bike and car within the DoorDash Dasher app.

Why Deliver on A Bike?

As a Dasher, you’re an independent contractor. That means at the end of the year you’re responsible for paying taxes on all of your income. It also means that you cover the expenses to run your business out of your own pocket. One of the biggest expenses for delivery drivers is gas and depreciation on your vehicle. By delivering on a bicycle, you avoid these expenses. 


Disclaimer: Switching into bike mode when you are delivering in a car can get you deactivated by DoorDash.

When It Makes Sense To Deliver on a Bike With DoorDash:

If you live in a large, dense city then delivering on a bicycle will be a great move. It may actually be advantageous to use bicycle instead of a car in this type of environment. This will allow you to avoid traffic and parking tickets, two big problems that Dashers in cars often deal with. A downtown area will provide enough short distance orders to make riding a bicycle while delivering with DoorDash ideal.

Delivering on a bicycle could also work near college campuses and in some suburban areas. You’re allowed to let your acceptance rate drop as a Dasher, so if you’re getting offers that are too far away you can decline them and wait for something better.



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