Food Delivery Heated Pads (USB Charging)


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What’s the number one reason delivery drivers get low ratings and bad tips? Cold food. Your insulated delivery bag can only do so much to help. With this heat pad you can plug in to a USB outlet and supercharge your insulated heat bag!  Bring the temperature of your delivery up quickly, and watch those tips increase! Don’t just keep your customers food warm, keep it hot!

31 x 24 cm / 12.2″ x 9.44″

Temperature: 50-60 degrees C
Material: carbon fiber
Voltage: 5V
*Not recommended for use with GrubHub delivery bags


4 reviews for Food Delivery Heated Pads (USB Charging)
  1. Jonathan

    Food stays warm on long deliveries!

  2. Lillian

    Heats up quick, good idea for a product

  3. Timothy

    Heats well, delivered in 8 days.

  4. Sarah

    Brilliant idea! Keeps food even warmer 🙂

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