Lyft Destination Filter : An Amazon Flex Driver’s Best Friend

Lyft Destination Filter : An Amazon Flex Driver’s Best Friend

Reduce Your Biggest Expense As An Amazon Flex Driver

Amazon flex is one of the best side hustles out there. Earnings for this gig can really add up, but there's one factor that constantly gets in the way - mileage. Often drivers do not live close to distribution centers. The gas expense and wear and tear that you put on your vehicle during this commute before even starting a block with Amazon Flex is huge. That's why you need to be using the Lyft destination filter!

The Lyft destination filter works like this:

By turning on the destination filter you set the general direction that you are heading. Lyft will then match you only with riders that are heading in that direction.

So let’s say you live 30 minutes away from a distribution center.

Instead of racking up mileage and gas expenses before starting the job, you can now monetize that travel.

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My strategy:

I usually turn the Lyft destination filter on 30 minutes to an hour before I would normally leave for a block.

This gives Lyft some time to match me with a rider heading in the same direction.

It also gives me a buffer so that I’m not late for my block (one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an Amazon Flex driver).

If a request pops up I double check to make sure that the drop off point is close enough to my distribution center.

Cash Out:

The destination filter is one of the best ways I’ve seen the Lyft platform used. And it’s not only by Amazon Flex drivers.

I see people with normal 9-5 jobs use it all the time.

This allows them to monetize their commute during one of the most profitable times of the day to be driving with Lyft. They also may be able to get reimbursement for some toll roads if taken while giving a Lyft ride!

If you’re interested in this strategy, you can sign up to drive for Lyft and get a bonus with my affiliate link:

For a limited time, earn a $1000 after 125 rides when you become a Lyft driver. Terms apply.Lyft Destination Filter : An Amazon Flex Driver's Best Friend 1

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