Qkids Qualifications

From USA or Canada

Hold a University Degree (any subject)

Be Available to Teach 6 Hours a Week

Teaching Experience of Any Type

Earnings Estimate
$16-$20 an hour

What do I Need to Know About Qkids?

Qkids allows you to make money by teaching english to Chinese children.

Set your hours, work remotely from a laptop teaching pre-planned english lessons to kids.

  • Qkids teachers can make up to $20 an hour in Baltimore. To get started, potential teachers must fill out an application online.
  • Teach through animated and engaging stories in 30 minute lessons

What Earnings Do Qkids Teachers Make in Baltimore?

$16 - $20 an hour

Qkids teachers can make between $16 and $20 an hour in Baltimore. Breakdown: $8 per lesson (30 minutes) and $4 per standby lesson (10 minutes without teaching).

** Instructors are eligible for a $1 performance fee based on reviews and a $1 attendance bonus of every lesson taught after 15 lesson minimum reached each week.

Is Qkids hiring in Baltimore?

Qkids is usually hiring new teachers. To confirm fill out an application on the Qkids website!

What About the Application Process?

The initial application takes less than an hour to fill out. Users can enter basic info, attach a resume (optional), attatch computer specs, and record a brief 2 minute video.

How to Sign Up For Qkids In Baltimore

You can apply for Qkids on their website. The sign up process requires that you enter some info such as name, experience, attach a resume (optional) and computer specs (optional).

You also submit a brief 2 minute video to introduce yourself and read a children’s story.


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How to Get Started: Qkids teacher in Baltimore

Work in the gig economy and schedule your own hours as a Qkids online teacher in Baltimore. Use the app to go online and teach 30 minute English classes remotely from your computer.

Take pride in knowing you are helping kids advance their language skills and develop into well rounded individuals.

Work when you want, and do something that you enjoy doing – teaching.

Qkids is a good alternative to rideshare and delivery because there are fewer asset requirements (almost nothing is needed to start) and you’re working with kids who will appreciate your time.

How Much Do You Earn With Qkids?


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