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Internet Connection

Earnings Estimate
$10-$300 a month

What do I Need to Know About Honeygain?

Do you want to make money off of your unused internet traffic? That's right, you can earn money passively if you're not fully utilizing your network connection (chances are that you aren't)!

  • Honeygain allows you to make money by renting your unused internet connection.
  • Just connect your device by installing their app!
  • Honeygain partners with data scientists, SEO monitoring, content delivery, brand protection and ad delivery to monetize your internet connection!



What Earnings Can You Make Using HoneyGain?

Up to $300 a month

Sharing 10 GB/day pays $30 a month, earn up to $300 a month by sharing 100 GB/day!

Add more devices to increase your earnings!



Is Honeygain legit?

Honeygain partners with reputable businesses to monetize your internet connection.

They use PayPal to pay all users on the platform.


How to Get Started

You can download the Honeygain app on their website. You can then connect your device and start earning!


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A Day in Their Shoes

How Much Do You Earn With Honeygain?

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