Shipt Qualifications

At Least 18 Years Old

Reliable Vehicle

Driver's License/Auto Insurance

Cold Bags

IPhone or Android

What do I Need to Know About Shipt?

Do you enjoy shopping?

With Shipt, you can get paid to shop!

Shipt allows you to make money by picking up groceries and delivering them to customers! Work flexible hours, and pick up batches on your smartphone!

  • Shoppers can make up to $22/hour in Grand Prairie. To get started, shoppers must apply and interview (online video interview), then get approved!
  • Work on your own schedule.
  • Help others that don't have time to shop or aren't physically capable!


What Earnings Do Instacart Shoppers Make in Grand Prairie?

Up to $22 an hour

Shipt Shoppers can make up to $22 an hour in Grand Prairie. This is only an earnings estimate.


How to Sign Up For Shipt In Grand Prairie

You can apply for Shipt on their website!

The sign up process requires that you apply and take an online interview.

In the interview, you'll record your answer to a few simple questions about how your background fits with Shipt and how you would handle situations.

You'll take a quick online quiz and then the background check usually only takes a few day!


What About the Application Process?

The entire application process takes about a week!

To start, you'll fill out some basic info then record a video interview. You'll have to take a short quiz then pass a background check.

The background check is usually the most time consuming part!


Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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Complete Pile Of SHIPT

Rated 1 out of 5

This used to be a great gig job, for people with some intelligence who were willing to work hard.
That was, of course, back before the company was acquired by Target. Once the company was acquired, the downhill slide began. I went from making an average of $20 or more per order, to getting sent “offers” that are $4 or $5 to go ten miles.
Now the company is the worst of the gig jobs.
1. They pay very little. Yes, you may get lucky and get the good customers- if you have been doing this for five years. But, new drivers will be competing with every other new driver for the scraps in their city. So, if you get 2 or 3 orders a DAY you are lucky.
2. They think we are employees. Maybe they don’t pay us like they pay actual employees, but the Target mentality has taken over this company. That is, we can and will be fired for any reason. They treat drivers as completely expendable. Just like in a retail environment. Of course, retail workers don’t drive their own vehicles around to bring someone groceries, but so what?
3. They do not understand the business. No, shopping an order that takes twenty minutes- let alone two hours- is not the same as walking into McDonald’s, grabbing a bag, and walking out the door with it. Nobody who isn’t completely ignorant is going to spend two hours in the store, and then drive ten miles, for $4 or $5.
4. They have moved driver assistance offshore. It used to be that the people who helped you were located in Alabama, and actually spoke English. But now you get someone in India who just reads a script over and over. And over.
5. The customers here are the worst. Shipt, like their owner Target, takes the attitude that a customer can do nothing wrong. And the customers that pay for Shipt tend to be the upper middle class types known as Karens. People who have enough money to pay for the service, and think that entitles them to be as bitchy as possible.
* I have been called a drunk, told to go back to the rez, asked how I managed to afford my car, etc= maybe because I am Native American?
* I have had the cops called on me, by my own customers, for refusing to drop off items that required age verification without seeing ID.
* I have many times pulled up to a gated community, only to have the customer refuse to give me the gate code.
6. The company actively tracks down people who complain about them. They will follow you on Facebook, and every other social media outlet; this is why their app demands the right to access your phone, even when the app is not running. Unless you are willing to say how you want to get down on your knees for Shipt because they are sliced bread and Jesus all rolled into one, they will expunge you from their system.
At least with Door Dash, Uber, etc, you have a way to report a bad customer and rate them. Not with Shipt.
Worst of the worst.


Ok but not great

Rated 5 out of 5

Fun work


How to Get Started: Shipt Shopper in Grand Prairie

Work in the gig economy and schedule your own hours as an Shipt Shopper in Grand Prairie. Use the app to pick up batches and schedule shifts.

Help others with their shopping and get paid out weekly via direct deposit!

Work when you want, and do something you enjoy doing – shopping

How Much Do You Earn With Shipt?

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