GoPuff Qualifications

At Least 21 Years Old

Driver's License

Vehicle Insurance/Registration



What do I Need to Know About GoPuff?

Do you like snacks?

Do you like to drive?

Combine your passions by delivering snacks with GoPuff!

GoPuff allows you to be your own boss, delivering snacks to hungry customers in your car!

  • Earn commission plus 100% of tips
  • Choose your own schedule
  • No restaurants or passengers!
  • Pickup from a GoPuff facility


What Earnings Do GoPuff Drivers Make in Houston?

Up to $20 an hour

GoPuff drivers get paid commissions plus 100% of tips. Driver partners may also be eligible for hourly guarantees!

How to Sign Up For GoPuff In Houston

You can apply for GoPuff on their website.

The sign up process requires that you enter some info such as name, date of birth and drivers license number.

You will also need to verify that you have valid vehicle insurance and registration!

The background check will then usually take up to a week (sometimes faster).


What About the Application Process?

It takes less than an hour to apply for GoPuff.

Once you have applied it may take up to a week to complete the background check process. You must also pass a pre-paid alcohol delivery course.


Rated 2.3 out of 5
2.3 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

Great money

Rated 5 out of 5

Im seeing these other reviews from people complaining about not having any work or slots for available shifts but they obviously weren’t paying attention during their sign-on in order to know how this works. Yeah there are hardly any pre-scheduled time slots posted true , but that’s not important. The only reason they put time slots up is so people can sign up and have a guaranteed hourly wage paid for 6hrs if they don’t wind up with enough or more deliveries to make the wage worth it. Whichever is higher is what they pay u. U don’t need to have pre-scheduled slots assigned in order to earn, nor do you need to be in the area of a warehouse and if you need your base warehouse changed or multiple assigned they can do that for you as well. I live in a town where there wasn’t a GoPuff warehouse in and at first they assigned me the closest warehouse in my same state which is actually a good 4hr drive away when in fact in my neighboring state there is a major city that’s only a 40min drive from my home so I contacted support and they did eventually get me changed to that city which is in the other state and they made it so that I can choose to work at any of 4 diff warehouses in that city. So I tried it out. I drove out there 1 evening and did what u r supposed to do and pulled up to 1 of the warehouses and in the app I swiped that I was “ready to work”. The rep inside could see I was out there & within a couple minutes I was assigned a bin (delivery) in the app , the rep brought a bag out to my car and I left using my GPS and dilivered it within a short time. I went back and repeated that process and did that for about 6hrs and I made great pay at the end of the week that even made the cost of gas worth driving out of town for . You don’t need a pre-scheduled time slot to work people!!!

Robyn Borrero

No work for Miami

Rated 1 out of 5

There’s never any work being posted. For the past 2 weeks I only saw one slot posted and that was only for 2hrs, THAT”S IT. There are 3 facilities near me, the one I got assigned is 20 miles out and there’s no other available option for me to change it in the app (ver 2.64.0). Don’t waste your time.


How to Get Started: GoPuff Driver in Houston

Be your own boss as a GoPuff driver in Houston. Sign on to the app from a local GoPuff facility to start picking up orders.

Enjoy the flexible schedule and helping hungry customers get the snacks they want! Your customers include working professionals, college students and more.

Work when you want, and do something that's always fun – driving!

GoPuff is a good alternative to rideshare because there are fewer vehicle requirements (almost any car works- even a bicycle if you'd like) and you can help people without having them in your car!


How Much Do You Earn With GoPuff?


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