Brave Qualifications


Opt In to Ads to Earn

Earnings Estimate
$90-$200 a year

Do you want to get paid to browse online? That's right, you can earn money doing something you already do!

  • Brave browser allows you to make money by watching ads as you browse.
  • The browser has a built in ad blocker, if you opt in to watch ads you will get paid!
  • Brave is faster and more secure than other browsers, and you can earn some passive income while you use it!



What Earnings Can You Make Using Brave Browser?

Up to $200 a year

If you opt in to ads (those things you are forced to see on normal browsers) Brave will pay you in Basic Attention Token.

You can easily convert this to US dollars at any time!


Is Brave Browser as Good as Other Browsers?

Brave browser was built by the creators of JavaScript and FireFox browser. It is built on Chromium (open source platform behind Google Chrome).

Brave actually runs much faster than Chrome:


How to Get Started

You can download the brave browser on their website. You can then set up the browser to block pops ups, cookies etc.!

** You will not get rich using Brave Browser

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A Day in Their Shoes

How Much Do You Earn with Brave?


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