Instacart VS Shipt. The Ultimate Comparison.

Which app is better for shoppers?

In the world of gig economy shopping apps, there are two major names - Instacart and Shipt. As a new shopper, you may be wondering which platform you should shop for. We'll answer all the questions you might have! In this post we compare Instacart pay to Shipt pay, the signup process for each app, how the shopping experience differs and more!

Instacart pay vs Shipt pay

Instacart pay is a complex calculation that involves a number of factors:

  • Number of items in delivers (pay increases as items increase)
  • Delivery distance (pay per mile)
  • Heavy item bonus
  • Other promotional incentives
  • Peak Pay
  • Customer tip (shown before you accept a batch)

Shipt pay is a much more simple calculation:

  • $5 per batch
  • 7.5% of total order price
  • Customer tip

Below is a look at my earnings for a single day with Instacart. As you can see, there is a potential for high earnings on large batches with decent delivery distances. The pay structure allows for a solid payout potential.


Instacart pay



If we break down the pay further to a single batch you can see that my pay included the Instacart per item pay, per mile pay as well as peak pay and a customer tip



Instacart earnings


Now let’s take a look at my pay for a single Shipt batch. As you can see it includes order pay + promo + a customer tip


Shipt shopper pay


A few major differences between Shipt shopper pay and Instacart shopper pay are the way that tips are shown to shoppers and how batched orders work. Let’s start with tips.

In the Instacart app shoppers can see the tip before they choose an order. Most shoppers appreciate the transparency. However, the customer can adjust that tip for up to 3 days after the batch has been completed. If a shopper replaces some of the items in the batch or refunds the customer for items that were sold out, this may reduce the tip.

Shipt, on the other hand, does not show their shoppers the tips up front. Customers are free to leave a tip after the order has been dropped off.

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Shopping Experience: Instacart vs Shipt

Both apps give shoppers quite a bit of information about batches before they are chosen. Shoppers can see the number of items, estimated pay, distance traveled and more in both the Shipt app and Instacart app.

Here’s a look at available batches seen by shoppers in the Shipt app:


shipt shopper order


One of the major benefits of the Instacart is that you can easily replace items within the batch without contacting the customer first. While it’s still recommended to contact the customer, this feature makes it easy to continue shopping quickly when you can’t find the requested item.




Instacart tips and tricks

New to shopping with Instacart? Here are some helpful pointers

Sign Up Process. Instacart vs Shipt:

The sign up process for both of these apps is relatively easy, although signing up Instacart is a bit easier.

Shipt requires that new Shoppers take a video interview as part of the three step application process. Even though it’s a quick interview, it is an extra step that does require some planning.

Both apps require a background check, this usually processes in a few days but can take longer.

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