4 Postmates Scams to Watch Out For (Drivers Beware)

Postmates Drivers Have Been Getting Scammed By Customers

It can happen without warning. One day you are going about your business delivering food with Postmates, following the rules. The next thing you know, you are locked out of your app and receive a notification that your account has been deactivated. Your customer has complained that your food was not delivered. You panic, this is your source of income and a dishonest customer has put it in jeopardy! While the majority customers will never pull these scams on you, the few that do can cause you a huge headache. They can  hurt your earnings and potentially get you deactivated from the Postmates platform. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to mitigate these problems. I'll get into those deeper at the end of the post!

  • Customer Claims Order Not Delivered

    This is the most common scam faced by Postmates Fleet drivers. As a delivery driver, you're expected to hand off the order to your customer before you mark it delivered. While there are some adverse circumstances that call for contact free deliveries, you will usually deliver the food directly to the customer. Occasionally, you will receive a notification that your order was not delivered, even though you have already handed it off to the customer. In this case, immediately contact Postmates support through the app. Let them know exactly what happened. If you do not tell your side of the story, you cannot expect a positive outcome. It is best to document your experience with as much evidence as possible.

  • Customer Picks Up Food Before You

    This is a very rare scam, but it is definitely something to watch out for. In this scenario, a customer will order through the Postmates app at a nearby restaurant. Then, because they know the order contents as well as customer name, they will simply head to the restaurant and pick it up before you. It's also possible that another Postmates Fleet driver, or someone not associated with Postmates does the same. In this case, you should also contact Fleet support immediately. You should document what happened clearly and let them know that you have arrived at the restaurant.

  • Phishing Attempts

    This scam has been all too popular on the Postmates platform. A scammer will place an order on the app, then they will use a phone number cloaking tool to disguise their phone number as Postmate's number before giving you a call. They'll let you know that their is an issue with your app, then ask for login info. Then they will change the direct deposit info on your app and immediately cash out your earnings. These scams also include phishing emails that appear to be coming from Postmates. Always verify that emails and phone calls which claim to be Postmates are actually from Postmates. Do not ever give away your Postmates login information.

  • Postmates Stealing Your Order

    In this scam, another Postmates driver is cheating you. They will head to a restaurant, pickup an order, then hit cancel and say that the order was not ready. You will then show up to the restaurant and wait around for the order after it has already been prepared and taken. This scam shows the importance of communicating with your customer as well as Fleet support. If you are waiting for an order for an extended period of time, update that in the app by hitting "order not ready". Make sure to communicate with restaurant staff as well as Postmates support to resolve this issue.

Postmates Support

While you are delivering, it is always best to contact Postmates support in the app. If you have issues contacting support in the app you can reach out to support here:

Fortunately, there are other gig economy apps that you can use to generate income – if you run into too much trouble on the Postmates app.

Popular delivery apps that you can sign up for and start working with quickly include Doordash and Instacart!



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