How to Use the Amazon Flex App

How To Use The Amazon Flex App

A step by step tutorial on how to use the Amazon Flex app for new drivers. Once you have applied for Amazon Flex and been accepted to the program, you will be able to start taking Amazon flex deliveries. You can now start scheduling blocks in you app and delivering packages and groceries to Amazon Customers.

  • Apply For Amazon Flex

    Amazon flex only hires new drivers when they have an opening in that city. If there are no openings in your location, you will be waitlisted

  • Schedule Blocks In The App

    Schedule blocks where you will deliver packages and groceries to Amazon Flex customers

  • Use App to Pick Up and Deliver

    Familiarize yourself with the features that you will use while picking up packages/groceries and delivering them to customers.

Let’s take a look at how to use the Amazon Flex app step by step:

In this tutorial i’m going to show you how to use all of the Amazon Flex app features and then we’re going to do a quick ride along as i make some deliveries and or run into a couple of issues out there on the road so make sure you stick around and find out how i resolved these issues.

I’ll also do a little bit of troubleshooting at the end of the tutorial and show you guys how to work through some common issues that you might encounter why you out there delivering packages so make sure you get through the entire tutorial.


From the home screen we can hit upcoming offers or hit the menu at the top love hand corner and school and offers to see the available blocks the blocks most commonly listed are all distribution center delivery blocks where you would pick up packages from one of the local distribution centers and deliver them to Amazon customers.

Pricing fluctuates by demand and tends to go up as the delivery times near.

When a fresh block has popped up these blocks include grocery deliveries from a local whole foods.

You can get tipped on these blocks which makes them a little bit more attractive and that means they usually disappear faster.

i can update my availability by clicking in the main menu and going to calendar and then click setup availability at the bottom of the screen I can click on any given day and then update the hours that I am available.

I want to receive updates of available blocks in the app.

When i’m happy with my schedule i can click set availability and then done. Now let’s look at how to drop a block that was previously picked up.

I’ll tap on the date that has an orange dot on my calendar in the app and it would take me to my scheduled block all than tap on the block and hit forfeit this time at the bottom of the screen

**As long as i for fit the block forty five minutes or more before the start time i won’t be penalized. If I were to forfeit blocks within that forty five minute window it is potentially a reason to get deactivated.

Training Videos:

If you need to re watch any of the Amazon Flex training videos you can easily find them under the main menu.


If you need to context support outside of a delivery time then you can do so in the main menu under the help section. There’s a guide with helpful answers and if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can go ahead and email support. In my experience the phone support while doing deliveries has been much more helpful than email support outside of delivery times.

Scheduling Amazon Flex Blocks:

Now let’s take a look at what it looks like to pick up a block in the amazon flex app.

I’m going to pick up a block in the Georgetown location, when i find one like I simply swipe right on that block – this one looks good so we’ll go ahead and swipe right to accept it.

Starting a block:
When it’s time you start to block hit “go to start location” on the home screen that i can use amazon flex navigation for directions to the start point.

I usually like to double check with google maps to make sure that the estimated road time is correct.

When i get to the distribution center I hit I’ve arrived in the app and then show my driver’s license at the check in

Once i do so I can pull forward in the line and grab a cart with the packages that i mean to deliver on this block.

I can then scan and each of the packages in the app.

Usually the cary will come labeled with a sheet that tells you the total number of packages and a different zones that those packages or broken up to If you get one of these sheets make sure a double check that you scanned in the right number of packages. I also look to organize my packages by zone in my car because these correspond to the different locations of a  drop off on the map and it makes it easier for me to find my packages throughout the route

Finish Scanning:
When i’ve confirmed with a finish scanning in all of my packages i can hit swipe to finish at the bottom this will pull up a list view of all the stops on your out and you can also see a map view, the first stop on my route is highlighted in green and
as you can see it’s not the closest to my location the closest stop is “nineteen” so i’m going to adjust that by clicking on the “nineteen” delivery and adjust in my route to travel to that stop instead. 
Beginning Navigation:

Once I have arrived at the location I will mark “I’ve arrived”

This will pull up some notes about the delivery in this case i have an access code because it is an apartment complex i can then hit i’ve read all notes and when i’ve located the package in my car i can go ahead and scan that package.

iI’ll make sure to locate the correct barcode then scan the package in. I have a few different options for where i can leave the package more often than not I select “at the front door” but in this case there’s a receptionist so i’m going to have the receptionist sign for the package.

This will then confirm that the Amaxon Flex delivery was made safely and I can continue to deliver the rest of the packages on my route.
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