How to get more Instacart Batches

How to get more batches, and why you may not be getting enough.

Instacart shoppers depend on batches to generate steady earnings. The only problem, sometimes there are more shoppers than there are batches available. Let's take a look at a few reasons why you're seeing less batches, and what you can do to get more batches as a shopper and increase those earnings!

Why you're seeing fewer batches:

  • Instacart has hired more shoppers

    There's no guarantee that Instacart will limit the number of shoppers in your region. Instacart often hires on new shoppers, and when they do so it creates an unhealthy balance of batches available compared to shoppers on the app. This tends to balance itself out over time, as new shoppers don't last for very long - and when there are few batches available that will increase the turnover rate of shoppers.

  • Instacart Bots are stealing batches

    Instacart has had issues in the past with third party apps hacking their software and stealing batches. They make these batches available to shoppers who pay for their service. Instacart is pretty good at shutting down these thrid party apps, so the problem will likely disappear in some time.

  • Your region is slow

    Not all shopping locations were created equal, and we don't all see the same number of batches available. Big cities with tech savvy customers tend to have more batches available. If you shop in a rural town in Kansas, don't expect to see the same number of batches as an NYC shopper.

How to get more batches:

  • Keep your acceptance rate up

    Accepting a higher number of batches will give you a better chance of seeing batches in the future. This is more important when Instacart is allowing shifts, as opposed to on-demand mode.

  • Maintain a high completion rate

    Dropping batches after you accept them will lower your completion rate. This is bad for the Instacart customer, if you do it to often Instacart will start sending less batches your way, and more batches to shoppers with a higher completion rate.

  • Day of the week

    Shop during days when there is higher demand for grocery delivery. High demand days tend to be Saturday through Tuesday, with Sunday and Monday being the highest. If you spend most of your time shopping late in the week, you're going to see fewer batches than other shoppers.

  • Time of day

    Shop during morning hours, between 8AM and 11:30AM. These are the busiest times of the day for Instacart. You will still see batches later on in the day from time to time, but if you want to be getting the most batches you should shop in the morning hours. *If there is a huge demand increase of batches, you'll likely see them available throughout the day - but this is a rare event.

  • Shopper Rating

    Keep your shopper rating as high as possible, Instacart will reward its highest rated shoppers with more batches. Instacart wants its customers to have the best possible experience, so they will funnel batches to the highest rated shoppers.

  • Shopper Speed

    Shopper speed has always been an important metric for Instacart Shoppers. It's used to measure how quickly shoppers can complete a batch. Instacart wants their customers to receive groceries quickly, so giving batches to shoppers with higher shopping speeds is common.

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