How to Use the DoorDash App: 2019

A look at how to use the DoorDash app so that you can effectively deliver food and maximize your earnings on the DoorDash platform.

  • Apply to DoorDash

    The application process is very easy. Enter some personal info such as name, date of birth and drivers license info. Pass a background check and then wait for your activation kit.

  • Download the Doordash App

    Make sure that you've downloaded the app and have it on your IPhone or Android phone

  • Learn How to Schedule Dashes

    By scheduling dashes, you set the hours that you are ready to work and reserve those times so that you are guaranteed deliveries.

  • Accept Orders on Demand

    Go online to get orders whenever they become available. You can only do so if there is enough demand in your area shown by a red screen.

We’re going to take a look at how to use the new DoorDash app with the 2019 updates Included! We show you guys exactly how we’ve to use this app step by step.

From scheduling deliveries to picking up orders, let’s go ahead and take a look inside the app.  The first thing that you’ll notice when we opened the at is a heat map with gray areas that aren’t busy light red areas there are slightly busy and dark areas that are very busy.

We can click on the schedule button at the bottom of the app if we want to schedule the time to work, and the available times with pop up.

If you’d like to filter out the regions that are displaying in your available section click on the gear icon on in the top right hand corner of your screen and here you see a list of the region which you can easily uncheck and no longer like them to display.

For this example I’ll choose to work at the bellevue location between 3:30 PM  and 11:00 PM so I’ll go and click on that availability, from here i can edit the started and times within that over all time period to tweak it to my liking. Once I’ve adjustedthose time periods i can go ahead and hit “saved” to save the dashed to my schedule.
If I hit the scheduled button next to available at the top of the screen to see which dashes I’ve scheduled by day.
To cancel a dish i simply click on that timeslot and then hit delete at the top right hand corner of the screen.

From the home screen i can see which promotions are available in my area to signed up for promotion I simply click on that promotion

You and see what the eligiblity criteria is.

From this screen I can adjust the start and end times and then hits saved dash when I’m ready to go.

If at any point i want to update my schedule from the main screen I can click on schedule go to the schedule and click on the date that I have scheduled and then I adjust those start and end times to my liking and then go ahead and hit save

Go Online Without Scheduling

If the area that I’m in his red, that means that I can start delivery and without having scheduled a time to deliver I can do this by hitting “dash now” on the map assuming that I am within those boundaries of the red area. This will prompt me to select that I’m ready and make sure that i’m prepared with enough gas a charged phone a red card and my heat bags.

This will take me to a screen that shows me the hot spots in my area if I want I can head closer to these hot spots to increase the likelihood of receiving orders.

But you may not want to do this because it does mean taking on extra expenses in the gas get into those hot spots.

When an order pops up in the app you receive a text message in a notification within the app you’ll then have ninety seconds to decide if you want to take the order you’ll be shown the expected  pay out and a map of the total distance.  

If the distances too far for a low pay you may not want to accept this order.

when an offer pops up in the app that fits your criteria for distance traveled in total pay  you can go ahead and hit accept in the app to move forward with that order you’ll be given some contact info for the customer as well as the restaurant in case you need to reach out to for some reason.

Picking up and delivering orders in the app is fairly straight forward.
There are some potential issues that may pop up, but you can always contact support.
Before contacting support you will be prompted to walk through steps in the app to resolve your issue. Usually you can find a fix without contacting support.
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