GrubHub VS DoorDash. Which Pays Better?

Doordash and Grubhub are two of the most popular apps for delivery drivers looking to earn money with their vehicles. I’ve tried out both of the apps, completing hundreds of deliveries on each platform. I’ve also listened to the opinions of drivers on both sides of the debate. The goal of this post will be to give you an unbiased opinion of which app is better for delivery drivers. As always, it’s best to try out the apps for yourself – earnings vary quite a bit from city to city!


Doordash is by far the most popular food delivery app in the United States. According to Second Measure, Doordash claims 46% of the US food delivery market, while UberEats holds 23% and GrubHub controls 21%. As the clear front runner in the food delivery market, Doordash has the upper hand due to their immense volume of orders. If you work for Doordash, odds are you will stay very busy delivering food. 

Why is volume important? When determining driver pay you have to look at both average pay per order and the number of orders per hour!

Not only does Doordash have a high volume of deliveries, but they also have decent pay on the app. Their pay model has fluctuated quite a bit, but in general they aim to keep pay somewhat consistent among orders – between $5 – $7. There’s also a potential for upside above that when customers tip well.


Grubhub has a very loyal following of drivers, and they’re there for a reason. The Grubhub app is very driver friendly, the platform pulls in some big tips in a lot of cities, and drivers can see those up front. Customers are prompted to tip before they place an order, and the drivers is shown the full amount of delivery pay plus tip before accepting an offer. This gives drivers a lot of control over which orders they accept and which they decline. 

On top of this, Grubhub is known to have an overall higher pay per order in many markets. In Seattle, this was often the case for me as a driver. I could select only the best offers on Grubhub and cherry pick for higher payouts. This of course had a downside – fewer orders.

Which Gig Pays Better?

This comes down to which market you deliver in. Because of the high volume of orders, DoorDash pays better in a lot of markets – especially for full time drivers that want to consistently deliver orders throughout the day. You can sign up to deliver for Doordash here.

For some drivers, Grubhub might be a better option. If you are delivering part time, and you like the ability to only select high paying orders – Grubhub can pay very well. With the average pay being quite high on this platform, earnings can be very good for savvy drivers.

Sign Up Process

The sign up processes for  Doordash and Grubhub are very different. Both apps require drivers to submit basic info, car details, proof of insurance and pass a background check. The major difference is speed of the hiring process.

Doordash is always looking to onboard new drivers. It is easy to sign up and most drivers can get on the road in less than a week.

Grubhub isn’t always hiring. They cap the number of drivers on the road in any given location. Drivers often spend 6-8 months on the waiting list for Grubhub before getting hired. If you are at all interested in delivering with Grubhub, you should start the process immediately to minimize the wait time.

App Experience

The apps for Grubhub and Doordash present very different driver experiences. Doordash has invested a lot of capital into the latest app technology. While this adds a lot of cool features, it also adds to the ways that Doordash can control and further pressure drivers to make quick deliveries. 

The Grubhub app is easy to use, and in general a more laid back experience for drivers. However, in the food delivery game the customer is always number one. Because of this, Grubhub has added more features to further control drivers in recent months – but it still wins out as the more laid back app. 

One important Gruhub app feature is driver partner levels. The highest partner levels get first access to blocks, and in order to get any amount of offers with Grubhub you need to be on a scheduled block. If you want to move up to a higher partner level, you’ll have to increase your acceptance rate among other metrics (this forces drivers to accept some low paying offers). In competitive markets, it may be necessary to be a higher partner level in order to get a sustainable number of blocks and offers.

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