Amazon DSP Delivery Driver Review. Pros and Cons.


  • Work 4 Days a Week

    Amazon DSP drivers work 10 hour shifts 4 days a week. This allows for 3 days off every week, which is great for a healthy work life balance. Occasionally, during slow times you may even work fewer hours.

  • Overtime hours

    During busy times such as the holiday season you will be able to work a lot of overtime if you want. This is a great way to earn more money if you are looking to load up on hours!

  • Work by yourself

    If you are an introvert or you enjoy spending time alone this is a great job. The only time when you interact with other people is in the morning when you head into the warehouse before you start your shift. The rest of the day you have time to yourself while you deliver, you can listen to music or podcasts while you are delivering.

Amazon DSP Delivery Driver Review. Pros and Cons. 1


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  • Pay

    The base pay for Amazon DSP drivers is $15 an hour. Some DSP's have higher pay, between $17 and $20 per hour. If you end up on the lower end of the scale, you may not be earning enough for a high standard of living.

  • Communication between DSP's and Amazon

    A lot of time when Amazon makes changes in their policy it takes a long time for this to be communicated to drivers. This can lead to headaches, and you may have to fix mistakes that aren't your fault as a driver.

  • Weather

    The weather can make delivering with Amazon frustrating. Often times it can be very hot or very cold. Make sure to have a raincoat for wet days and plenty of water on the hotter days.

  • Employee Status

    As a DSP driver you are an employee. This comes with certain benefits such as minimum wage and some benefits. But it also means that you don't have freedom of schedule, and you will have to answer to a superior. DSP's will track your metrics to make sure that you are performing at an acceptable level.

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