9 Things to do Before You Start Driving For Lyft

  • Set Up An LLC

    This protects you and your assets in the event of an incident. This is not required to become a Lyft driver, and some drivers avoid this if they have few assets.

  • Become Familiar With App Features

    The destination filter can pair you with rides when you normally commute. It can also help you write off more miles while you're in this mode.

  • Rideshare Insurance

    You can now get rideshare insurance through most major insurance carriers. It is affordable and absolutely necessary.

  • Big Picture

    Look towards your bigger goals and how Lyft can be a part of this. Usually it is best as a side hustle.

  • Compare Rates to Uber and Others

    Other platforms like Uber might have higher rates available. Some niche apps may be more appealing as well.

  • Get to Know Your City

    Know the routes, popular areas and make sure that you won't get lost out on the road. This will boost your tips!

  • Sign Up Guarantee

    Make sure that you use this bonus when you sign up for guaranteed earnings!

  • Requirements

    Be familiar with vehicle requirements specific to your state!

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