4 Ways to Use the Gig Economy to Help Build Your Resume.


People ask me quiestions about thier resume all of the time on the Gig Nation YouTube channel. Is doing gig work and taking a break from full time employment bad for their resume? Can you put gigs like Doordash, Uber and Instacart on a resume? How do you build a resume while working in the gig economy? These are important questions that are on the back of the minds of gig workers everywhere, so let's take a look at what you should be doing to boost your resume while working in the gig economy!

  • Take Online Courses

    One of the biggest perks of working in the gig economy is flexibility of schedule. For a lot of people that can mean more time spent with family and friends, or more free time to do what you love. It's also an opportunity to pursue an education online. Google is giving 100,000 scholarships for online learning, and recognizing these courses the same as an online degree. That sets a precedent for online learning and means that employers will start to look at them as equal to traditional four year schools. That means that you can take an online course, at a very affordable price, and use that knowledge to get a job. All while still earning income from the gig economy!

  • Create a Gig Economy Resume

    Adding gig work like Doordash and Uber to a traditional resume may not always make sense, especially if it's not a related line of work. However, if you're looking to land more gigs then creating a gig economy specific resume is a great idea. At Gigsharks, we let you update your gig resume with gig work experience so that you can showcase your talent. We ten show your gig resume to local gig apps that are hiring in your industry!

  • Work Gigs Related to Desired Career

    While it doesn't always make sense to add gigs to a traditional resume, it definitely does if they are in the same line of work. For example, let's say your interested in becoming a property manager. There are a number of gig economy companies such as OneRent that hire independent contractors as property managers. You can gain experience showing and inspecting rental properties, while only working the gigs that you want. This type of experience would be incredibly valuable on a resume tailored towards a job in property management.

  • Network In Free Time

    Use the flexibility of your schedule to attend career fairs. Find out when all of the upcoming fairs are in your city over the next few months and mark it on your calendar. Make an effort to attend all of them with updated copies of your resume. Don't leave until you've handed out all of your resumes. Also try networking with other gig workers via Facebook groups, see what other opportunities people have already looked into.

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