Pros and Cons of Delivering Food For GrubHub (Veteran Driver Explains).

I started delivering food with GrubHub over 1.5 years ago. It quickly became my go to app for food delivery for a number of reasons, but it also has it's downsides. In this post I'll give an honest review of all of the benefits of delivering with GrubHub along with some of the downsides. I'll also give some actionable advice for new GrubHub delivery drivers.


  • High Pay

    Grubhub has consistently been one of the highest paying gig economy apps (on a per order basis) for me over the years. Orders often come in at higher payouts than both Doordash and UberEats. Keep in mind that payouts will depend on the location that you deliver in.

  • Pay Info Upfront

    Grubhub shows drivers the total payout including tip before you accept an offer. They also show you a map of the delivery route so that you have a good idea if the trip will be worth your time.

  • Flexibility of scheule

    With GrubHub you can go online and start delivering whenever you want, or you can schedule blocks to get more consistent offers coming your way. This scheduling makes for a very comfortable work schedule that can be used as a side hustle, part time or even full time income.

  • Instant Cash Out

    For a small fee of only $.50 you can cash your earnings instantly. This makes GrubHub a great source of income for anyone that needs to earn money quick!

  • Driver Incentives

    GrubHub offers a tiered system for drivers. You begin at a Partner level and can move up to Pro, then Premier. The higher levels allow you to schedule more blocks and get access to catered orders. Drivers that schedule blocks see more orders, so GrubHub is essentially rewarding its best drivers with this system.

  • Transparent Pay

    GrubHub shows you a breakdown of your earnings which includes pay for time, mileage and tips given by customers for every single delivery. This may not seem unexpected but many other delivery apps don't provide this level of transparency.

  • Heat Bags

    The heat bags that GrubHub provides for its drivers are the best in the businesses. They now require that you complete 100 orders before receiving their best heat bags. These bags will keep your food warm longer than any other bags out there!


We recommend checking out the following apps to run between blocks when you're delivering with Grubhub:


  • Order Consistency

    At the partner level (where all GrubHub Drivers begin) you will not see the same order volume as you get on Doordash or UberEats. You can work your way up to Pro or Premier level to get more offers, but this also comes with downsides.

  • Acceptance Rate Requirements

    If you want to move up to Pro and Premier levels with GrubHub, you have to accept more than 85% of your orders (or more to get to premier). This means accepting some low pay orders. At the partner level you can decline as much as you want, but you won't have access to as many blocks as pro and premier drivers so you're likely to see less orders in total.

  • App Updates

    GrubHub has been adding new features to the app that can be a bit annoying for drivers. One such feature will remove an order from your app if you do not head towards the restaurant immediately after accepting it. Some restaurants take longer to prepare orders

  • No Distance On Offer Screen

    While the offer screen shows you a map of your delivery route, it doesn't give you the exact distance in miles. This makes it more difficult to judge the pay per mile with GrubHub

  • Customer Support

    The customer support with GrubHub can be difficult to access, you may spend a long time on the phone waiting to get in touch with an agent.

  • Taxes

    With GrubHub you are an independent contractor. That means GrubHub is not required to give you benefits and you must set aside money to pay taxes at the end of the year. It's a good idea to download a mileage tracking app as mileage will be your largest expense to deduct as a delivery driver.


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