17 Secrets Instacart Shoppers Need to Know

  • Download Grocery Store Apps

    These are more helpful for finding products than the Instacart app

  • Ask Your Customer to Rate You

    This can lead to higher tips because the customer starts to think about your service.

  • Park Near A Cart Rack

    This saves you time when you are getting out of the store.

  • Replace Items Fast

    You can easily substitute two smaller items for a large item. If you spend too much time looking for the right size your earnings per hour will decrease significantly.

  • Be Picky With Batches

    Don't accept batches that are too far away or ones with low payouts.

  • Know Store Layouts

    Knowing the store will help you increase your speed, which leads to higher payouts.

  • Communicate With Customers

    Give your customers regular updates. Use voice to text so that you can multitask while sending your customer updates.

  • Phone Charger

    Invest in a high speed phone charger for your car along with a portable charger to bring along with you in store.

  • Look At Product Photos

    It will be easier to recognize products by their photos in the app than by their names.

Here's The Video With The Full List of 17 Tips For Instacart Shoppers!

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