15 Ways to Get Deactivated by Postmates + How to Get Reactivated

Postmates has been deactivating delivery drivers

It can happen without warning. One day you are delivering on the Postmates Fleet app and generating income, the next day your source of income has disappeared completely. It could happen to any delivery driver on Postmates. In order to avoid deactivation, make sure that you are not breaking any of the following rules. They are known to be common reasons for deactivation of Fleet drivers. Also, take a look at our tips on getting your account reactivated following a deactivation!

  • Multiple Accounts

    Each Postmates Fleet drivers is only allowed to operate one driver account. Using multiple accounts is a common reason to Postmates to deactivate drivers.

  • Cancellation Rate

    If you are accepting offers and cancelling too many of these after accepting, this could get you deactivated. As a fleet driver, you should be using your cancellations only during emergencies.

  • Verbal Assault

    Abusive language or verbal assault towards a customer or restaurant merchant can quickly get you deactivated.

  • Physical Assault

    You should never harm a customer or merchant. This will result in deactivation and potentially criminal charges as well.

  • Discrimination

    You shouldn't discriminate against or harass any merchants or customers. This is a rule to live your life by not only when delivering food with Postmates but at all times

  • Tampering with food

    You should never tamper with, eat or touch food before you deliver it to a customer. This will get you deactivated on spot.

  • Drugs/Alcohol

    Delivering with Postmates while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the quickest ways to get deactivated! If a customer reports this expect to be deactivated with no possibility of reinstatement.

  • Theft

    You should never steal from a Postmates customer or merchant.

  • Marking Deliveries Complete

    If a delivery was not completed, marking it as complete in the app could get you deactivated.

  • Referral Fraud

    Any documented misuse or manipulation of referral/promotional programs will result in deactivation.

  • Insurance

    Failure to maintain current insurance coverage, as specified in the Fleet agreement, can result in deactivation.

  • Violation of Law

    Any violation of state, local, or federal laws by a Fleet delivery driver can lead to deactivation

  • Licenses

    Failure to maintain all licences, permits and registrations required to operate.

  • Third party app access

    Using bots or scripts that are not approved by Postmates on the Fleet app is strictlyprohibited.

  • Late deliveries

    Too many deliveries outside of the expected delivery time frame is a common reason for Fleet drivers to get deactivated.

Fleet drivers are also getting deactiavted after customers scams

Falling victim to a scam could lead to deactivation!

Watch Out For These Common Scames!

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Reactivation Inquiries

You can reach out to Postmates Support and request to get reactivated here:

You may also be able to contact support within the Fleet app. It helps to send screen shots of any issues.

Fortunately, there are other gig economy apps that you can use to generate income – even if you’ve been deactivated by Postmates.

Popular delivery apps that you can sign up for and start working with quickly include Instacart and Doordash!


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