14 Mistakes New Shipt Shoppers Make

Don't Make These Beginner Mistakes

Just starting out as a Shipt Shopper can be overwhelming. In reality, once you've gotten a hang of the app it can be quite an easy way to earn money. Unfortunately, a lot of new shoppers make the same mistakes over and over. If you avoid these mistakes, you'll make more money and get higher reviews as a shopper! 

  • Not Scheduling Shifts

    Shoppers who schedule shifts ahead of time in the app get priority access to new batches when they become available. In this case, planning ahead always pays off!

  • Not Tracking Mileage

    Use a mileage tracking app like Gridwise to track your mileage when shopping with Shipt. You'll need to pay your own taxes and you can do so by multiplying your total miles by the standard deduction rate. The app doesn't track all of your mileage between batches while you're on the app, so using your own mileage tracker will increase your after tax earnings at the end of the year!

  • Not Previewing Items Before Accepting an Order

    The types of items that you will see in a Shipt batch will vary greatly. Generally, they are grocery items. But occasionally, you'll see heavy items, and other large items carried at retail stores such as Target. It makes sense to screen items before accepting a batch so that you don't get stuck with items you can't carry or fit in your vehicle.

  • Multi App

    Run other apps like Doordash in your spare time to keep those earnings coming. Relying 100% on one app can leave you very vulnerable as an independent contractor. Multiple apps will keep you busy and earning money during your downtime.


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  • Missing Promo Orders

    There's a section in the shopper app dedicated to promo orders. These orders contain additional pay from Shipt. Not looking for these orders means potentially missing out on extra pay.

  • Forgetting to Save Money for Taxes

    As a Shipt Shopper, you are an independent contractor. That means that at the end of the year you'll be responsible for paying your share of taxes. While you can make deductions for mileage, it is still wise to set aside a chunk of money to pay your taxes.

  • Double Batches

    On the Shipt app, you can select multiple batches at the same store within a similar time frame and create a "double batch". In theory this will increase your earnings. Trying to do this too soon as a beginner can create serious issues. You need to keep all items separate while doing this, and make sure that you have a good grasp on how to use the app before testing it out.

  • Taking too Large of Batches

    Large batches tend to be a bit more stressful than smaller ones, at least when you are new to Shipt. Take some time to learn the ins and the outs of the app with some smaller batches before you advance to larger ones.


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  • Ignoring Delivery Only Orders

    While some shoppers choose not to do delivery only orders, these can be a good source of income if they are low mileage. It is also possible to stack multiple delivery only orders to increase your income.

  • Delivery Window

    Shipt gives you a window during which to deliver your order to the customer. You should aim for the beginning of this window, especially as a new shopper, in order to avoid late deliveries.

  • Bad Communication With Customers

    From the moment you start shopping a batch, you are instructed to text the customer to let them know. This is the beginning of a conversation that will detail any delays in the shopping experience that you might have as well as any replacements or refunds.

  • Shopping Cold Items First

    Customer service is a priority as a Shipt Shopper. When shopping temperature sensitive items, it's important to save them for the end of the batch. It's also a good idea to have hot/cold bags to keep those items at the appropriate temperature.

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