12 Tips And Tricks For Amazon Flex Drivers

  • Organize Packages

    You may get a slip of paper with your block of packages. It will have the "zones" that you deliver packages to in the order that you will travel. Use this to organize packages in your car accordingly, so that you will know which section of the car your packages are in for your current location at any point in time.

  • Track Mileage

    Use a mileage tracking app like stride to track your mileage when delivering with Amazon Flex. You'll need to pay your own taxes and you can do so by multiplying your total miles by the standard deduction rate.

  • Destination Ride

    Use the Lyft driver app to take a destination ride towards the distribution center before a block. This allows you to earn money while you are traveling to the start point instead of just burning gas on the way out.

  • Multi App

    Run other apps like Doordash in your spare time to keep those earnings coming


We recommend checking out the following apps to run between blocks when you're delivering with Amazon Flex:


If you're doing these things you're at risk of deactivation.

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  • Cancel Early

    If you're going to cancel a block, cancel at least 45 minutes before the block starts. Failure to do so could hurt your reliability rating and potentially get you deactivated from Amazon Flex.

  • Limit Swiping

    It can be tempting to spend a lot of time looking at your screen and swiping to get the best blocks in your app. We all know how high paying a prime now block can be. It's important to keep time spent swiping to a minimum. You're not getting paid for this time so if it takes you 30 minutes of swiping to get a high paying block your total payout will decrease when you consider the time it took to get that block

  • Be On Time

    If you show up more than 5 minutes after your block is scheduled to start you will have to forfeit that block. Multiple forfeits can lead to deactivation

  • Block Pricing

    Block prices reflects demand. The closer to the start time of a block, generally, the higher the payout for that block gets. During busy seasons leading up to the holidays and bad weather blocks pay out the best!


Gas is one of your biggest expenses when delivering with Amazon Flex. Use the GetUpside app to get cash back every time you fill up your tank!

  • Payouts

    Amazon Flex pays out twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays

  • Quarterly Taxes

    After year 1 as an independent contractor you are expected to pay quarterly estimated taxes.

  • Driver Support

    Driver support is great in the app while you are delivering, but almost non-existent outside of scheduled blocks. Don't expect to have questions answered while you aren't delivering.

  • Tips

    Certain blocks allow customers to tip on top of the $18-$25 payout from Amazon Flex. These blocks include Prime Now and Whole FOods.

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