10 Rideshare Apps That Pay You To Drive

According to Entrepreneur.com, rideharing is still one of the top side hustles available to drivers in 202​0. It allows for flexibility within your schedule, and can help you earn cash outside of a 9-5, while studying, or even when you’re retired! Here are a few of the best apps for drivers to earn money with rideshare:


Uber is by far the biggest and most well known ridesharing app for drivers to earn money with their own car. They have over 100 million riders on their platform and have expanded to food delivery as well as other high growth industry. Uber requires that drivers have a newer car, pass a background test and maintain a high rating on their platform.


Lyft is the second largest ridesharing app available for drivers to earn money with their car. It shares many similar features with Uber, but has not expanded it’s reach as far in international markets and has not attempted to enter food delivery. Driver requirements are very similar to the Uber app.


Wingz specializes in airport rides, although they also have quite a few other great features. On the platform, riders can choose their favorite drivers. That means that drivers are able to grow their business by getting returning customers, a feature that is unique to Wingz. They also have a major presence at various airports, so if you enjoy this type of trip Wingz could be right for you!

4) ZUM

Zum is a great ridesharing app for drivers that like kids! Zum is the only rideshare platform designed specifically for children. Safety is the number one priority on this app, that means that the on boarding process is more strict than many other apps. It includes an extensive background check, finger printing and more.


Are you tired of driving people around all day with Uber and Lyft? Spot On was created specifically for pets. That’s right, you’ll never have to drive another human! Spot On focuses on safe seating for pets so that they can get from point A to point B as safe as possible!

6) VIA

Via is another popular ridesharing app with a twist. All routes are set before any rides are accepted. This means that passengers will often walk to a pick up point, and continue to walk a ways afterwards once they’ve been dropped off. This takes a lot of the guessing game away from drivers who no longer have to scramble to find the fastest route!


The Gett rideshare app is very popular abroad, it’s in over 120 countries! Based in Israel it has expanded quickly world wide, yet has only a presence in one US city – New York. If you drive in a country outside of the US, this might be a great app for you!


The Curb app uses existing cabs and adds entertainment and in app payment systems. You can schedule pickups in advance for as little as $2. If you prefer to drive a traditional cab instead of a car with Lyft or Uber, the Curb app is a great option. It makes picking up passengers easier and payments can be done through the app!


Flywheel is similar to Curb in that payments are made through the app, and the app is designed to work with existing taxis. If you still drive a taxi, this app may make running your business easier with the in app payment system!

10) GRAB

Grab is a Singapore based rideshare company that also offers services for food, delivery, payments, video, hotels and more! They do not operate in the United States, but it is interesting to see a rideshare company that offers as many services as Grab!

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